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Shipping & Returns (for example, as time to download the page, time to connect to our site) How to make information technology efficient visitors to our website, our service and site Collect information on navigation information. This information can help us to visit and understand the biggest area of ​​our customers better to see who is, "That is because we are specific Etc Functional services and products Our visitors prefer to improve the quality of the visitor's online shopping experience Navigate to gather information And we can collect non-personal information process (such kind of domain type, browser version, service provider and IP address etc.) We will provide visitors with our site available ( For example, I last visited the page of our website as the visitor's time information.)

If you have not completed the order or canceled the order, we collect it and if you have completed the order form and other information, use it, collect it, collect any electronic You can use or enter an email address. If you have shopped and left a scene that has not fulfilled your order, we can follow up the alert by e-mail.

For collecting, using, disclosing personal information, we can guarantee you and you are not limited to these, such as we collect this website, but when you create or when you create an account Update and participate in the competition, research participants find, send online shopping or create wish lists and messages. Create email, name, address, email address, recipient's email address, phone number, credit card information. Contains the type of information gathered. This information, make your order to meet your inquiries and ordering and delivery difficulties, your inquiries (S), Establish product requirements under control, according to your request It is used to provide professional services to your information, our products and websites. Let us support payment by third party offerings, live events, surveys, database maintenance, email management, recruitment and services.

If you choose to join our mailing list, the information provided (as name, email address, country, gender and age authentication) will be added to the database. Buckle allows companies to use their own internal marketing information. We can demand fashion sense, information you are interested in your hobbies and music. We collect this information and it will be published directly from you. Using your information to us, we can contact you for information and promotion. As a condition of participation we do not need to provide more information than we reasonably need to participate in the activities. Deduction, the company does not sell the personal information of the customer, the customer did not agree to transfer your personal information to the third party of the customer.

Continuous efforts to ensure compliance with laws and regulations If we realize that there is good reason to believe that we need to investigate disclosure violations, fraud, intellectual property rights, copyright infringement and other illegal acts, we will inform you about the information in the correct order We may disclose your information to protect the home page of our legal department and / or public users.

To do this, we do not accept tracks
We do not seek signal responses or not at all because we do not have traces of personal information related to third party sites throughout the Internet or online activities to collect personal customer service . We do not offer services in addition to third party and personal information agreeing to "Personal information collection, use, disclosure." If that has a direct link to our site Third party services, they do not practice and provide third party privacy policy Track.

We will work with Oracle to assist recruitment process. If you create an account deduction career center or submit an online business application, we will provide your personal information directly to Oracle. Privacy and Security Policy for Submission Privacy Policy - Buckle: You can click the link to this view and the Oracle information you provide, please click "Login" or buckle to the career center Applicant will be subject to interpretation of "new user" privacy and security policy - application. Other options for users who log in or create an account, each on their own privacy policy.

Privacy policy Minors
We place emphasis on relationships with guests' favor. We will explore our website together and welcome parents and children. According to the Children Online Privacy Protection Act, we instruct them, less than 13 years old (or Maine residents under 18 years old) to use all personal information collected or used by customers, no one else . Parents and guardians ordered online visitors before should support any game or any activity to young people. If we realize that we have, we will be removed from our records from a small collection of information, personal information immediately.

Use of cookies puts so-called cookies in the browser function of the computer. Cookies are our small amount of data sent to your computer on your computer. Cookies provide a more personal experience to send information using clicks on help track when you pass the buckle on the page of the site and send it to your computer's hard drive It is saved. Track how many entries that are located in your shopping bag and use cookies to tell us if you are visiting Let Cookie make our site more suitable for your needs, Let, we will provide you a better, more personalized experience. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. We do not recommend that you disable cookies.

We also use technology called clear GIF technology and they are usually stored in email technology, to help us verify your receipt, and to our e-mail We are responding and will provide a more personalized experience for you. If you are registering or purchasing product, you can go to the connection for accessing personal information and use the browser.